Investment is needed everywhere

And particularly in Europe, as this chart shows:

The ratings agency Standard & Poors has called for governments everywhere to increase investment spending. It also says they need to improve the efficiency of the spending they are already doing. 
Private sector investment spending all over the world fell after the 2008 financial crisis. In Europe, where the crisis started earlier, it started falling in 2007. And it has not recovered. Private sector investors remain risk-averse and fearful of losses, chasing safe havens and unwilling to invest long-term in infrastructure, skills and R&D.

When the private sector will not invest, the job falls to government. And immediately after the financial crisis, governments did step up, increasing investment spending as private sector investment fell. Some governments have continued to invest ever since, notably China, which still spends about 8.5% of GDP every year (much of it outside its borders), and India, which is spending about 4.7%. But most governments have cut back investment spending in order to consolidate their budgets. The result is a widespread investment chill that is depressing growth and keeping unemployment elevated in far too many countries......
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  1. But UK jobs have no productive function.
    Why do you want to get to non functional areas quicker ?
    What does it matter if they sit in their mobile offices or fixed offices wasting time.

    The key to it all is Emmerdale.
    Once that soap was called Emmerdale farm. (1971-89)
    Now its not.
    If you can figure out why then you are 90% closer to solving the problem then the headless men of the woods
    Stay at home
    Do the garden or something , walk to the woolpack, get drunk , walk home - save diesel

    The above could work as a British government efficiency drive propaganda scheme.
    Think of how much heating oil is saved when 50 pensioners have money for a pint in the local.

  2. The British perhaps have not thought out this dynamic to the very end (although I very much doubt it)

    Looking at the British deficit with the eu mercantile zone from 2012 to 2014.
    56+ billion , 69+ billion 78 + billion..........why work ?

    Me thinks the function of work in the UK is to maintain the illusion of motion.
    But just imagine how much extra goods Europe can produce for you if you gave your diesel ration to us euro drones.

  3. “Social Credit holds that the policy of production should be determined by consumers in a consumer-motivated economy wherein the consumer “vote” or exercise of choice motivates production by expressed demand. If consumers do not have sufficient earned income to purchase the entire current outflow of consumer goods at any given time then they must seek additional income. If they are forced to take out consumer loans issued by banks on bank conditions they cannot exercise free choice and they are penalized by loan charges. If they are forced to engage in some other production activity in order to obtain their otherwise insufficient purchasing-power they will be compelled to engage in activities which may–or may not–be something of which they approve, i.e., wasteful activities or even armaments for use in war.

    Because the deficiency of purchasing-power grows with the rapid displacement of labour by automation, robots and artificial intelligence which increases the allocated capital component in prices, consumers are increasingly forced to contract debt and/or engage in evermore undesirable pseudo-economic activities.

    This trend toward increasing debt and/or wasteful production activity may seem ironic but it is an inevitable outcome of the defect in the present system of industrial accounting as it interacts with the financial system and national accountancy to create a growing shortage of effective consumer purchasing-power.”
    Wallace Klinck.

    Today on a local working class propaganda paper the Cork Bilderberger minister Convey has just announced we will beat Dublin in the race to destroy good agricultural land.
    Macroom town will be bypassed so that people can get to Kerry 5 minutes quicker.

    What can explain the current shortage of time.?
    Until near death people have enough of it.


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