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I'm Frances Coppola, writer, singer and twitterer extraordinaire. Coppola Comment is my main blog. I am also the author of the Singing is Easy blog, where I write about singing, teaching and musical expression.

Coppola Comment started out as a place where I could ramble on about anything that interested me. Right from the start, for some reason, most posts included finance in one way or another - it's amazing how you can manage somehow to talk about banking in a post on almost any subject.  Remarkably, people seem to like what I write......I am amazed at the number of people who read my musings, and very grateful to you all for your support. However, the popularity of this site means that I now have to be a little more careful about what I post. So these days the posts on this site are almost entirely about matters financial and economic.

I am politically non-aligned and economically neutral (I do not regard myself as "belonging" to any particular school of economics). I do not give investment advice and I have no investments.

This blog is free to read and will remain so. I make no money from anything published here. However, researching my posts and maintaining this site is not cost-free, so if you feel able to contribute to supporting my work, donations are gratefully accepted via Paypal using the Donate button.

I accept comments on my posts. If you choose to comment, please observe the following rules:
  • please be polite and refrain from personal attacks on me or on other commenters:
  • please confine your remarks to the subject of the post.
I accept Anonymous comments because some people have difficulty with the sign-in protocol. However, if you comment anonymously, please sign your comment. I will not usually publish unsigned anonymous comments on this blog site.

Please also be aware that I cannot publish comments that contain hate speech addressed to religious minorities, ethnic minorities, women, men, old people, young people, people with unconventional lifestyles or sexual orientation, rich people, poor people, goats, WASPIs or Donald Trump. Or anyone else, for that matter. Nor will I publish comments containing obscenities. 

Because of persistent spam attacks, comments are now moderated before publication on posts older than 14 days. On more recent posts, comments are not moderated. However, I delete comments that break the rules, and I may on occasion close comments completely.

All posts at this site, whether contributed by me or by a guest author, are copyright. Reblogging an entire post without my express written permission breaches that copyright and may result in legal action against you. However, you may use excerpts from posts in your own writing, as long as there is a clear attribution to the author of the post and a link to the original. For online media, please include a hyperlink to the post from which you are quoting: for print media, please show the URL of the source post in the text or a footnote.

This work is licensed under a
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. As a writer and singer I'm curious how you learned so much about finance and economics. Can you add a little bit about that please? Thanks.

    1. Ah never mind. I just saw your side-column bio. Feel free to delete my comment. :)

  3. Thanks for the sharing new information .

    Brian Hoshowski

  4. I find it impossible to print your Pieria articles, which I very much value, and would like to read, and underline, at my leisure. Can you tell me how to do that [there is an 'email' function, but no 'print' function on the website].

    1. Donald, I don't know how to do that either - I don't control the tech at Pieria. I will ask.

  5. Which type of sogs you sings?

  6. Thanks for the article! Definitely gives me some more to think about.


  7. I appreciate you and I would like to read your next post.Thanks for creating this informative post

  8. Pardon the odd question, how would you recommend going about resolving the income imbalance and the sovereign debt problems amongst nations?

  9. Hm Frances may I suggest you change "muscial" to "musical" in the first paragraph?
    Dunno - just sounds better to my musical ears

  10. Hi Frances, do you have a contact method to discuss engaging you for some advisory work? I'll check back to catch any reply. Many thanks, JP

  11. Dear Frances Coppola
    I write asking for more information on your article:
    Aug 6, 2019,09:18am EDT - HSBC Sacks Its Chief Executive As It Enters Stormy Waters
    "Yesterday, HSBC sacked its chief executive. Of course, this was presented as “agreed to resign,” but then dismissals at these exalted heights usually are. Whatever. John Flint, the man Stuart Gulliver chose as his successor, is out after only 18 months in the job. The Gulliver era is well and truly over.

    The Board was cagy about the reasons for Flint’s departure, saying only that it was by “mutual consent.”

    This "sacking" occurred between the deaths of two prominent people whose connected suicides have ties with HSBC; as is a recent December 2020 "accidental" suicide death of a big money manager. These deaths connected by the same money come up in my investigation of a massive financial fraud scheme. Do you have an email address posted somewhere for private discussion?

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Frances, do you have a contact method to discuss engaging you for some advisory work? I'll check back to catch any reply. https://www.dcfont.com/wingdings-translator/


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