9 July 2019
Launch of my book "The Case for People's Quantitative Easing" at the Resolution Foundation, with Jagjit Chanda of NIESR, Positive Money's Fran Boait, and Torsten Bell and James Smith from the Resolution Foundation.

6 August 2013
On the BBC's Newsnight programme, with Gavin Esler, Henry Pryor, and Simon Rose of Save Our Savers.

28 January 2014
On RT.Com's Boom & Bust program with Erin Ade, discussing various economic topics:

Unfortunately the YouTube clip of my second Newsnight interview (with Iain Martin) is not available.


FT Alphaville's Alphachat, discussing bank capital and building a better banking system with Anat Admati and Izabella Kaminska: When Bank Capital Sleeps With The Fishes.

Novara Media, discussing the crisis at the Co-Op Group with Joel Benjamin of Move Your Money and Aaron Bastani.

More clips to be added in due course.


  1. Look at today's English edition of To Vima newspaper in Athens. You will find an article on Goldman Sachs. Bottom line, Sachs says that, even if, Greece defaults, it could still be on hook to repay its

    Rhoula Pappas


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