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The tragedy of Gaza

Dear friends, I said I wouldn't post any more on this site. But Elon Musk doesn't like me posting Substack links on Twitter. And Substack itself is a mess. The home page looks amateurish, and new posts don't even appear on it until they've amassed enough views to push down previous posts. It's an absurd way of organising a site.  So I have decided in future to post links to my Substack posts here. Hopefully this will mean you can find them more easily, both on Google and Twitter. Some of my Substack posts have paywalls, but you will have the option to subscribe or opt for a free trial.  Here's the introduction to my latest Substack post, The Tragedy of Gaza . Click the link to read all of it. It is free to read. The Palestinian economy is enduring a fiscal crisis and the economic outlook is dire.” - IMF, 26th April 2022. I’m sure everyone realises by now that Gaza’s economy has fallen off a cliff. There is almost no productive activity, so GDP has collapsed an