The tragedy of Gaza

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Here's the introduction to my latest Substack post, The Tragedy of Gaza. Click the link to read all of it. It is free to read.

The Palestinian economy is enduring a fiscal crisis and the economic outlook is dire.” - IMF, 26th April 2022.
I’m sure everyone realises by now that Gaza’s economy has fallen off a cliff. There is almost no productive activity, so GDP has collapsed and nearly everyone is unemployed. The UN estimates that Gaza’s GDP fell by 24% in 2023. It is of course still falling - rapidly.

Massive GDP falls are common in wars: for example, Ukraine’s economy shrank by 30% in 2022, equivalent to the US Great Depression. But what people perhaps don’t realise is how bad things were before the current crisis.

In the rest of this post, I examine: 
  • the large growing divergence between the economies of Gaza and the West Bank, using data from the IMF 
  • the economic cost to both Gaza and the West Bank of Israel's fifteen-year blockade of Gaza and repeated military actions
  • how disastrous internal politics in Palestine and malicious meddling by external powers, notably the US, tipped Gaza into long-term decline 
  • how wars and protests fatally weakened the Gaza economy
  • why the October 7th attacks were inevitable 
  • why Israel's end game is the total destruction of Gaza, and why we are powerless to prevent it. 
Read my full analysis here

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Image: Theatre mask mosaic, Naples National Archaeological Museum, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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