The Co-Op story: a tale of two banks

Over at Pieria, I've posted the text and some of the images from the presentation I gave at the UK Society of Co-operatives conference on September 7th 2014 at the University of Essex. It's the full story of the decline and fall of the Co-Op Bank. Well, not just the Co-Op Bank.....we often forget that there were two banks involved in the Co-Op disaster. One of them was a mutual, but perhaps not the one that you might expect.

The post can be found here.


  1. A cogent recitation of the Co-op Bank's woes, and commendably brief yet complete. Thank you. David Anderson had a lucky escape!

    The Co-op Group, as the major shareholder (albeit with a minority interest at only 20 per cent.) does apparently exercise some control still, but presumably has to reconcile implementation of its values with the demands of the other shareholders whose values may not be congruent. It will be interesting to see how any conflict is managed and that will perhaps show us, as you question, whether a mutual can successfully have ownership of a plc.


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