The EU should beware of Russian interest in Balkan banks.

Especially when it is disguised.

My latest post at Forbes takes a jaundiced look at who is in the race to acquire Hypo Alpe Adria's network of Balkan banks. I'm not usually much of a conspiracy theorist, but this is the Balkans, after all - the far-fetched is mundane in that part of the world. There is something very shady going on, and I reckon the Russians are behind it.

Read about it here.

Oh, and in case the Balkans look like a black hole to you, here's a map (courtesy of Wikipedia).


  1. Very very interesting, I linked to this today.

  2. Vienna is the door to the Balkan. You could be right. That's a guess now. Whoever hands over the cheap real estate, he hands it over to a friend. Russians and Austrians are close friends. Not closer than anyone else. I see no way how the European Union will stop us from doing business with whoever we like. Where there is a will there is a way. We are globalists. The E.U. and the EURO is a business, as long as it pays it's ok. If it does not pay anymore forget the spirit of Europe.

    Where do think do the beautiful hotels in Austria do come from - Brits, Americans? Our Russian friends are said to have built those hotels and bought many assets especially in ski resorts. Wondering what the HAA is here for, washing dishes?

  3. Austria can always go back to a Gold Standard. Since we are a town compared to other countries - New York for example. We just need a mayor. In practice we do not even need a president or chancellor.

    Who do you think started what is called Novamatic today decades ago. It's said that before they could create a monopoly in the gambling business with their gambling machines hot parties have been thrown in the finance department, so hot that the girls there had to take off their clothes. Now all the machines are linked directly to the finance department. That's a deal. Who started the company a) The tooth fairy b) the Russian 'Mafia' who has been heavily invested in Vienna before anyway. Maybe I am not up to date. No one can proof what is said. Chinese Whispers you know. Honestly. Money does not have a bow. Since the bow is would red who cares about the blood.


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