The Bulgarian "Game of Thrones"

No, not a film. Or a book. And as far as I know there are no Starks. Or dragons. But otherwise, the saga of the Bulgarian oligarchs and their political machinations is remarkably similar to "Game of Thrones". Politicians are the puppets of oligarchs, oligarchs are controlled by mobsters, banks are pawns in the game, and the people of Bulgaria pay through economic stagnation and entrenched poverty.

All three posts in the saga (so far) are linked here.

What on Earth is Going On in Bulgaria?

The Curious Case of the Bulgarian Bank Runs

The Bulgarian Game of Thrones

Bank run on First Investment Bank, Bulgaria. (Photo credit: BBC)


  1. Aha. Thank you for keeping us informed. Sounds interesting ... At least somewhere on this planet real business is taking place.

    Anyway, found a good documentary Goodall's Story of Music Part 1..6


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