Mirrors and glass, and a sad farewell

My latest post at Pieria looks at the role of design in a time of change. Using mirrors and glass as metaphors, it maps the transformation of the "spirit of the age" from anxiety to empathy as the world heals from the trauma of the twentieth century's three Great Wars (yes, you read that correctly). And although it is optimistic about the new opportunities for collaboration and sharing that technology creates, it asks whether replacing introspection with connection and opacity with transparency is always a good thing. Read the whole post here.

It is also my last post for Pieria. With immediate effect, I am stepping down from my role as Associate Editor and staff writer. Pitches and requests for publication should in future be sent to Marco Nappolini via the "Contact Us" tab on the Pieria site.

My writing will of course continue both here on Coppola Comment and at Forbes. And perhaps elsewhere, in due course. I shall be looking for a new job....

I wish the Pieria team all the best for the future.



  1. What led to your decision to leave Pieria?

    1. I don't want to discuss it publicly, Robin. Let's just call it "irreconcilable differences".


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