Horror story

In response to my post about the lessons of history, Claudia Dias sent me this clip from The Times, March 31st, 1939:

Four months after Kristallnacht, and two weeks after Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia, the British government was still repatriating Jewish refugees. This group knew they were being sent back to almost certain death. No wonder they were hysterical.

Today, refugees in Greece face deportation to Turkey, and from there probable repatriation to their own countries. If they are denied the opportunity to claim asylum, as appears to be the case for some, this would contravene the Geneva convention on refugees. UNHCR representatives and aid agencies are being refused access to refugees sent back to Turkey. There are reports that refugees threaten to commit suicide rather than be sent back. Desperate people, desperate times.

We have learned nothing.

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  3. https://dannyashkenasi.com/2015/07/20/the-music-of-ian-mckellen-reciting-shakespeare-hear-hear-right-here/

    The powerful scene, featuring More challenging anti-immigration rioters in London, was written at a time when there were heightened tensions over the number of French Protestants (Huguenots) seeking asylum in the capital.


  4. Frances, thank you so much for reminding us all of these dramatic failures of humankind... These last posts are so many appeals to our consciences. Forgetting comes too quickly...


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